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Cavity Fillings in Louisville, Kentucky


Baby Teeth Still Need Fillings

It is a common misconception that baby teeth that don't need to be treated simply because they fall out later. Any type of tooth decay is still a form of tooth infection. It is important to help your children develop good habits and prevent any discomfort a cavity might bring to them. Our friendly staff can help your children understand the benefits to filling their cavities. If you have any questions regarding cavities and baby teeth, we are always open to questions.

Types of Fillings

As a parent, it's important you understand what material is going into your child's mouth. We offer a variety of options depending on what your child needs. Based on the location and extent of decay, we will discuss costs and best options for your child. We pride ourselves on our ability to give you the best quality to guarantee the best result.

Insurance Coverage

One of our more frequently asked questions is how much insurance will cover. Every insurance plan is different. We carry most providers to accommodate as many of our customers as possible. However, we always suggest checking with your provider to know what types of materials are covered and what specific treatments are covered before coming to the appointment.

Treating Sensitive Teeth After Filling

Having the cavity filled is the easy part. Your child may find the after symptoms more uncomfortable. It is always best to be prepared. One thing that will help is to monitor swelling and signs of sensitivity carefully for the next few days after a cavity filling. Keeping it to soft foods and avoiding heavy activity is also recommended if their teeth feel especially sensitive. If the sensitivity continues, reach out to our office staff, and we will assist accordingly.