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Tooth Straightening in Louisville, Kentucky


Why Do Straight Teeth Matter?

Although having a pleasing smile is a great perk to straight teeth, it is not the only benefit. Having straight teeth actually makes for healthier teeth and gums. Swollen, red gums are often the result of overcrowded teeth or widely spaced teeth. When teeth are in alignment, it also makes it much easier for us to clean. In addition to more efficient oral health, straight teeth affect your children's overall health as well. You can trust our staff to help your children gain better health with straight teeth.

Ways to Straighten

There are many options your child could choose from to attain straight teeth. Below are some of the most common teeth straightening options we recommend for children and teenagers:


Invisalign is a great option for dependable teenagers who are ready to take care of their teeth but may feel concerned about their looks. These braces are clear and hardly noticeable but are still extremely effective. To learn more about different options for Invisalign, call our office today.


Headgear primarily focuses on straightening by correcting a severe overbite or underbite. Although it is not the most comfortable solution for children, it is a very effective treatment. With Dr. William E. Kemper, DMD Pediatric Dentistry, we ensure your children feel comfortable with any of the options available.

Fixing One Tooth

There are occasions when braces aren't altogether necessary for your children. The most common example of this is when a child has just one tooth out of place. You can talk to us about different options to remove or reposition the tooth so that your child can experience better oral health.