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Routine Teeth Cleaning in Louisville, Kentucky

teeth cleaning

Preventative Measures

Daily home oral care is important, especially for children. If your child is like most kids, they probably forget to brush their teeth on their own. You can help them by reminding them every day to brush and floss. When kids are young, it's a good idea to brush for them. This can help them know how important it is to establish good habits.

How Often Should I Bring My Child in for a Visit?

Creating good habits is always a good precedent to set for your children. Despite the best of habits, plaque and deterioration still happen. That's why we recommend you bring your children in every six months or so. It's important for your child to maintain ideal oral hygiene to prevent decay and disease. You can talk to our front desk about scheduling ahead of time so that you already have it in your schedule.

Personalized Checkups for Your Children

There are several different factors to consider when treating kids. The great thing about having a dentist with experience is that we know exactly how to treat each situation the right way. We will discuss your choices with you so you fully understand which things would be most beneficial for your children. Our team will listen to any concerns or thoughts you might have, so you can bring your kids to us knowing we will address the correct things during checkups.

Great Quality and Hassle-Free

We know it can be stressful bringing a child to the dentist. By the time you get them ready and finally in the chair, they may be squirmy or nervous. However, we strive to get our appointments done quickly. We promise you'll love the job we do, and we do it without causing extra pain or hassle. Your child will be in and out before you know it. That way, you know you won't be sacrificing quality for less time.